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With a fleet of specialised modern trucks we are the logistics experts in the handling of timber, gas and other commodities. For thirty years we have led the way with rapid, high quality, reliable and cost effective load transportation.

Whether it is logs, tarpaulins or bulk freight items ( we can provide a mobile floor –Schubbode – vehicle for this purpose) we are the people to talk to everytime. Tell us your requirements and freight destination and we will pleased  to assist in any way that we can.

Because we employ our own fleet of trucks to deliver our products to our own customers we know how critical it is to offer a first rate, time critical service.



tilt transportation
adr load

ADR goods are amongst the most hazardous material transported Internationally. Bozic has been transporting liquid gas for 15 years. Our staff and drivers are highly qualified in this area. They all carry accredited certification for their technical capability in the handling and transport of liquid gas. They supervise at every stage the tinkering including the loading and discharging of gas. LG is safely and efficiently distributed in road tankers to cryogenic tanks with a storage capacity of some 3,000 to 50,000 litres. Amongst our valued clients for ADR logistics are Kisikana D.O.O and UTP Pula D.O.O.